Assigment 9 Fms

Three Things from Twenty-Three Things:

1. It's great to know how to create a blog, load photos and all that stuff. I'm doing all these things at home, and although I forget half the things we've learned between work and home, I have much more confidence to hang in there and get it right.

2. I've learned to appreciate the difference in Web 2.0 between "noise" and value - although depending on your own goals during a particular search, noise and value may be interchangeable.

3. I learned a lot of other useful things, but they fall into that category of things trainees forget immediately after the training - fortunately, we have the 123 site with the instructions to refer to again.


Wikiquote contains quotations, misquotations etc. It's a bit limited in coverage, although I did find one of my favourite quotes from Magnolia that I haven't come across since I saw the film.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get out of here without losing this deathless prose!

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