Assignment 9

For this week's assignment, you'll be creating a new page in the 23 Things wiki. But first, you need to create an account with wikidot.

1. Click on the "create account" link in the upper right of this window and work through the registration process. A confirmation e-mail will be sent - if you use your GroupWise account, be sure to check the Junk Mail folder.

2. Once you are up and running, come back to this page ( under the "Add a new page" field on the left enter the title of your new page. Call the new page Assignment 9, plus your initials. For example, Assignment 9 JD. Then click on the "new page" button.

3. You'll be taken to your new page, and your cursor will be in the editing window at the bottom of the page. Much like Google Docs, there are many options for changing the formatting and look of your page - feel free to get creative.

On that new page, please do two things:

1. Discuss three things that you have found the most useful or most fun during the 23 Things course. Provide lots of links to your blog or other sites (to insert a link, use the chain link icon in the above button bar, but be sure to click cancel if Internet Explorer alerts you that you are about to navigate away form the page).

2. Seek out a subject specific wiki on any topic of interest and provide a link and description to it (not wikipedia, please). For example, my suggestion is the Hammond Wiki, which provides all the information, tips, and tricks you might ever need related to Hammond organs. (Please let me know if you have an old Hammond organ you'd like to get rid of).

Be sure to click on the Save button when you are done.

Once you've finished creating your new page, send a message to ac.yrarbilcilbupotnorot|sgniht32#ac.yrarbilcilbupotnorot|sgniht32 and include the address of the wikipage you've made. I'll create a master list of the submitted pages on the front page of this wiki.

See you next week for the final assignment.

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