Assignment 9 CF

Truthfully, I am not sure what I'm doing now. Wish I could help you out on the organ thing. If, perhaps, you need some old kitchen ware, a juicer or wool blankets, we have a garage full from my uncle's emptied apartment. We are looking for a recliner. Anyone have a wiki on chairs?

It's been an eye-opener and I can now have a conversation with someone under the age of 50 (sort of) but now I'm truly confused. What am I creating now? A monster?

So you want to know what I found most useful so far? I loved being able to mount the photos, add the videos and generally fool around with stuff. The Google Documents seems like a very useful tool, although I'm not sure I mastered it.

As for a wiki to add:

I was joking about a wiki for chairs but, in fact, it does exist.

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