Assignment 9 CG

The three most interesting lessons for me were the following:

I enjoyed the lessons on photos. I don't spend any time at all on the computer outside of work, but I really enjoyed working on my assignments for these lessons and I could see myself spending time on these sites.

I found the lesson on Google Docs very interesting . I really liked the idea of a collaborative workspace for shared projects.

I enjoyed the lesson on podcasts. Looking back, the three podcasts I subscribed to all come from big media organizations ( BBC, NPR, PBS ). I guess I shouldn't be surprised that so many of the ground-up, user-generated web 2.0 applications are co-opted by mainstream media and corporations. On CNN viewers are invited to follow broadcasters' or shows' twitter feeds. It seems the amount of time it takes big business to jump on the web 2.0 bandwagon is getting shorter!

The reason this assignment is so late is that I gave up in frustration earlier because I couldn't get the links to work. But I do want to move on to the last assignment, so I am going to post this as-is. If its not too late, and you would care to comment on where I might have went wrong, I would appreciate it. Every time I tried to add a link, I got the message that I was navigating away from the page…

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