Assignment 9 CY

What I've learned

There's been lots that I've learned through the course of these assignments. Most fun, was definitely Week 4 with the captioning and the random generators. You find out that it's not so hard to do some nifty things to your pictures since someone else has already taken care of all the tedious hard bits. It's almost like playing around with virtual stickers.

I learned quite a bit from the first week's assignment as well, fiddling around with the coding of the page because the spacing wasn't quite how I wanted it. I ended up changing the font size because the default was too small, but this led to the formatting being thrown off, so I had to increase the space allowed for the text portion of the blog. That led to the background not matching up because it was very apparent when the dots weren't aligned and I had to figure out which part of the coding was responsible for that….

Youtube was fun! It's different thinking about it in terms of its use as an advertising tool.


I found a CSI Wiki, it's got everything you can possibly want to know about CSI…… who's who, what's what…. every episode, relationship, tidbit that you'd ever wondered about.

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