Assignment 9 DC

So far in the 23 Things course I have learned three very interesting things:
Podcasting, Google Documents, and Blogging. These were tools that I would not likely have learned or tried on my own. They have opened a new world for me at work and in my personal use.

Podcasting is a great tool for hearing interviews or news stories or even old radio programs.

Google documents has great potential for a newsletter that my branch's YAG is working on.

Blogging has always intrigued me but also frightened me because of its very public access. Now it doesn't seem quite so intimidating.

I also had fun with the Big Huge Labs site. Since I like photography, I can see quite a lot of uses for this site. I especially liked the ability to make mosaic pictures or to create specially framed pics.

Wikis seem like great tools to obtain quick information about a topic of interest.
The three interesting wikis that I found were on shopping, animals, and travel. had useful information on various products that would be helpful to read before purchasing. was interesting for me as I hope to travel in 2009 and I was able to get some quick information about several destinations to aid in my decision making.

Animallovers wiki was found at It had some cute sites about pets with pictures and shared information.

I am finding it a challenge to create a wiki! I don't find the page setup very user friendly.

Overall I have definitely broadened my experience of web 2.0 with this course and feel more empowered when asked by a patron about a particular tool.

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