Assignment 9 DK

For this week's Assignment, I will discuss the 3 most useful or most fun (why can't it be both?) things of 23 Things. The entire course has been enjoyable, and even though my branch is short-staffed, it was important to me to find the time to complete that week's assignment, without getting behind. But for my 3 faves they are:

1. My blog - I will customize this after this training is done to suit my interests, and share it with friends and family.

2. Google Docs
Will use this to share writing and even to collaborate on some shared writing with my friend. Very exciting!

3. Photo Sharing - this will be fun, as I have travelled extensively and would love to share my photos.

A wiki that I am a moderator for is //
It is a great site for TPL staff to find booklists and websites under several subject headings.

Another fun one is Wookieepedia, a site on Star Wars

Until next week!

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