Assignment 9 DR

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course for a variety of reasons….here they are in no particular order:

It has been stimulating to learn new things and apply them directly. And they really aren't 'new things' just new to me and it has made me feel more up to date when people talk about techy things.

My very very favourite thing I have learned has been the photo manipulation. Big Huge Labs rocks!![] It appealed to the creative part of myself. I have enjoyed sharing photos that I have 'made' with people and will continue to do so.

I also enjoyed learning more about making blogs interactive. I started blogging this summer and this course came at just the right time to help make my blogs more effective. I am the proud owner of 3 blogs!

I really enjoyed this Web 2.0 learning…and will share my most favourite W2.0 video again.


The wiki that I found that I will explore more is - KnitWiki is a community run knitting encyclopedia with patterns, techniques, historical information and you get the idea. I love the name of the wiki and I have been asked to find a simple cable pattern for a friend and I'm hoping I have hit pay dirt.[]

If there are other self directed courses out there I will try to find them and keep on with the learning.

Finally, it has been great to connect with different staff across the system as we learn together. It would be nice to have a one-time facetime meeting where we could all get together to talk about what we have learned. The downside of self directed tutorial is you don't get to meet people and have the synergy that real time contact brings.


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