Assignment 9 DRM

1. All professionals need to keep current in their field of expertise. Any librarian of the 21st century must cope with the convergence of content and technology. I hope to have some of the vocabulary pat - if not the hands-on expertise.

2. seems to me to be the project management dream tool. Working files which can be accessed at a distance, updated in real time (while retaining details on historical variants). I'll be attempting to test run a team assignment on this in the near future.

3. is just that. I can't quantify the time I've saved calling up regularly used websites [Ontario statutes, Pay Equity Commission toolkit] from the various computers I generally use. It has eliminated the frustration of finding the favourites list on one computer lacking the single website I require at the moment - but lack.

I found the photo manipulation interesting but I am at too early a stage in my use of digital cameras to truly consider exploiting its full potential. That will come.

As for wikis, I found many of them at very early stages of development and was less tempted to join in the heavy lifting required to create a solid reference resource.

As for wikis I am inclined to consult, I propose the following:

For professional purposes, the following offers an extensive range of professional journals. Previously, to consult articles, I've been obliged to travel to the university campus to consult recent issues. This will be quite the timesaver.

For more personal preoccupations, this culinary wiki will help with menu challenges when faced with a limited range of items in my kitchen cupboards.

How can one be expected to work successfully with Web 2.0 when hunger strikes?

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