Assignment 9 ED

Assignment 9 - Part 1

Four things that I found useful/fun during the 23 Things course:

1. RSS and Newsreaders - Specifically You can find my review of it here

2. Big Huge Labs and Photo bucket - Here is an example of a picture edited using Big Hugh Labs

3. Tagging and Social Book marking – specifically Delicious. A review of it can be found here.

4. Online Office Tools – namely google Docs. This is a great tool for people in different geographical location to collaborate on completing reports. Here is my review of it.

Assignment 9 - Part 2

An example of a subject specific wiki is Travellerspoint. The link to it is The wiki aspect of the site can be found by clicking here. As the name of the wiki suggests it is a resource for people planning their trip and for people who have taken a trip to share their experiences.

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