Assignment 9 EM

I've enjoyed everything about 23 things training.
My "big three" from this training would have to be:

Google Docs because I feel this is a wonderful tool for working in groups. I did much of my studies in University on-line and worked in groups like this through the internet as well.

Podcasts. This is because there's some really cool vintage feeds that I found such as the old radio shows.

Blogger making a blog was really fun. I feel that correspondense training for TPL was an incredible idea and a huge step in the right direction for our organization. I hope to see more opportunities to study like this in groups for the future. A very important course for those who want to work confidently with an ever growing tech-savvy. public. I hope that we can have more in-depth tech studies by correspondence in the future

I take the opportunity to give the link to my blog particularly for anyone who needs some motivation (I'm being sarcastic , just visit) My Blog


I found it a bit challenging to find something clean-cut and thorough. However, JD's link to Hammond Wiki was interesting. I have an uncle who, last I heard from was in the process of restoring an old organ himself. Now I can pretend I know a lot about organ restoration when we chat.

I did find something interesting though, Mass 08 a nice link with logic puzzles and riddles.

oh, one more thing, we should seriously have online games training, imagine telling the young cool cats at the computer stations to settle down while challenging them to an online game! Get some 'StrEEt CrEd"

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