Assignment 9 EP

1. I always wondered how blogs are created and this was a perfect opportunity to learn (and get paid for it!) I did most of the assignments during quiet times on the Information Desk.

2. The photosharing, once I mastered it, was fun. YouTubing was interesting - indeed a wild and wacky world out there.

3. Creating and manipulating photos was interesting. I can see myself doing amazing things once I set my mind to it!

Because of the limitations of our computer system, things that take very little time at home were somewhat confusing to do on the library's system. I found the RSS feeds and social bookmarking the least interesting… for me, they are somewhat like e-mail and I am overwhelmed already!

Wikis - very little of any use out there. I tried looking for recipes, movies and films, travel, beadwork but found little.

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