Assignment 9 Ga

Three things about 23Things

  1. I rather enjoyed trying out the various assignments. The best part about creating a blog was perhaps the looks on my sons' faces when I told them I had a blog- I think it marginally upped my cool factor until they looked at it and saw pictures of flowers.
  2. The major drawback was creating and keeping track of the various passwords that were required.
  3. I do not like most wikis. You have to do too much sifting of pointless comments and irrelevancies to find worthwhile information. The fact that Wikipedia succeeded in creating a halfway reliable source of information seems to me to be the exception rather than the rule.

To keep with the gardening theme I found this gardening wiki (which is not the same thing as wiki gardening - a topic which has many web sites devoted to it). I notice that my favourite web site, LibraryThing is starting a wiki.

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