Assignment 9 GO

I really enjoyed this training and I think I'll have a lot of use for some of the tools we learned about, particularly:

1. Blogs - I have already been using it for my "random ruminations" (

2. Big Huge Labs - Love the idea that the website is the software, as you put it!

3. - Makes sense to make your bookmarks "portable" (just like it did in the case of e-mail).

I may find some more use for some other tools in the future (e.g.cooperating on a document…). And, yes, there is a big "time wasting factor" too…it's all about how we use it. And I think it can both connect you and alienate you from people…again, it depends…

An interesting wiki I have found is If you have ever wondered how to draw Hedwig, Hary Potter's owl or how to draw a dragon in flight (and who hasn't ?) or if you have ever thought about how long it would have taken a lady to dress in late 1800's - well, look no further…

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