assignment 9 JA

These are my favourite things about the 23Things assigments:

Google docs, which I will most certainly use, particularly since my new laptop came with only temporary Office tools. (I also find some of the applications easier to use.)

Big Huge Labs - my daughter had a photo assignment for school, and had a great deal of fun playing around with the results of her work.

That most of these tools seem designed to elicit a lot of creativity, and yet allow for the orderly control of what comes out the other end (provided passwords and user names are recorded)!

As for a wiki that others might enjoy .. . I've always liked maps, and I think graphically represented information can be especially useful. Wikimapia is a mapping wiki that isolates different areas - Scarborough Bluffs, Leslie Street Spit, Parkdale for example - and allows people to comment on their impressions of the place. It allows for subjective, descriptive commentary that might potentially be as useful as the roadmap to get there - in one. There seems endless potential for developing this kind of wiki too.

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