Assignment 9 JP

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 23 Things Course as a means of expanding my limited knowledge of the Web 2.0 sphere. In conjunction with my blog , I particularly enjoyed the Image Makeover assignment in which I was able to alter a personal photograph using technology from .

I also enjoyed the flexibility afforded by (Google Docs) where one can gain access to free web-based word processing, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities, without needing comparable software in one’s computer to create and access said documents, worksheets and presentations. I wish that more people could become aware of the advantages that this portability of access to Google Docs might bring to them. A project manager’s dream!

Using to sign up for RSS feeds affords one the opportunity to choose feeds and information flow for both professional and personal reasons. Good time management skills are required to stay on top of it all though!

Open Politics ( ) is a wiki intended for those interested in the political process. The wiki puts an emphasis on grassroots or participatory democracy. One can also take the Political Personality Quiz to see where one fits in on the political spectrum.

John Puusa

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