Assignment 9 KV

The three things that I like best about 23 Things (so far) are:

1. De.lic.ious: Because I like to bookmark, and this makes them portable. What's more, working on this taught me how tags work.

2. Bloglines: to gather together all those things I (should) read/hear. but it is addictive—especially those Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Google Docswhich should revolutionize how we all create documents.

I found (through Wikipedia) a Choral Music Wiki that includes scores in PDF format to print and download. This is all music in the public domain, but since it's so hard to find music scores on-ine, this is a find. It's a little difficult to find the actual scores, as they are housed in various sites by various people and organizations, with links to the wiki, but with a little practice, it should be possible to find a lot of unusual and obscure things.

In finding this, I also found several other sheet music wikis, and also the International Music Score Library Project, created by a music student in Canada: It was hugely successful, until it was shut down by a Cease and Desist order from a German publisher who claimed it violated international copyright. Read about it: The creator has recently announced he hopes to relaunch it in July 2008.

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