Assignment 9 LB

I think my favorite by far was podcast. I knew they existed but had no idea how many were out there. I guess I never knew how many crazy guys sat in basements all day with mics and nothing better to do hahahahaaa. But really I found some great stuff on podcast alley
I love this show.

Love that phot editing one too, all my life I have wanted to add snappy quotes over peoples heads

I also really liked creating a blog in assisgnment 1 I wouldnt have known where to star with that one.

I found a cool celtic myth wiki which I have since used to help me do research for my next tatto.
Its got lots of great info and photos.I just gotta add here. And I hate addmitting this but I didnt even know there were toher wikis until I started this assignment. I dont know what hole I had my head in but I though wikipedia was one and that was it, boy do I feel like an A**

The Celtic mythology project is an attempt to create high-quality articles dealing with Celtic mythology on the Mythology Wiki.

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