Assignment 9 MC

I:3 Most Useful or Fun Things/23Things Course: ( - sorry, I can't seem to get the "insert a link" thing - keeps telling me I'll navigate from the page

- anyway, I found it fun to use a pseudonym and create a sort of "character" including a photo of "myself", as well as my hubby, house and feet

2.Google Docs:
- I think this might actually turn out to be useful to me some day, more immediately or obviously than the other things we tried, for the reasons I put in my blog

3.YouTube Videos:
- always entertaining to watch videos, even though I did feel somewhat motion sick afterward - hand-held cameras can be bad!

(Sorry, but I cannot figure out how to use the "insert a link", and so in order not to lose my work, will just leave providing other sites or links for now. However, after saving and seeing what I'd done, it seems to have provided links without using the chain-link icon. At least it looks like it has.)

II: Subject Specific Wiki:
- Heroes Wiki is a reference site for NBC's popular sci-fi drama Heroes. Heroes Wiki currently has 4,517 articles. Come here for the latest information on Heroes and its characters.



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