Assignment 9 MDH


One of the most useful things I learned during 23things was creating a blog. I have since added a few things to it as well as starting up a new blog for the staff members at my branch. It was amazing to learn all the different content that can be created or edited and used in a blog. Creating a blog has also encouraged me to start reading blogs regularly written by people I know or on subjects which interest me.
Here's the link to my blog:

Big Huge Labs

This one was just fun.
This is a link to the magazine cover I created. I had just seen Mika in concert in Toronto and thought he was Rolling Stone-worthy!

Google Docs

This is probably the most useful tool that I learned in terms of my work. I have edited enough documents via email to know that it is not a very effective or efficient method of working. I can think of several occasions on which this would have made my life much easier.

Here's a wiki that I particularly enjoy:

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