Assignment 9 MW

The thing I probably found most useful was the Google Docs assignment. The possibilities for using Google Docs are endless, especially as a way of streamlining a lot of work that is done by people across the system.

I learned a lot from the RSS assignment and this has been one area from the 23 Things training that I have been continually using. Being forced to use Bloglines made me get over my initial frustrations of what it isn't (ie. the familiar layout of my favourite websites) and embrace what it is (ie. a handy way to direct a lot of information to one place).

Assignment #4 was definitely the most fun! So much so that I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody around thought I was slacking off. "No really, it's for work!"

My wiki is Lostpedia, a source for all things Lost. Need to check up someones backstory or remind yourself of something that happened but don't watch to read through bad theories or gushing fans? Then Lostpedia is the place for you!

And now there is only one week left! Will the end of 23 Things leave a gaping hole in my life, just like Lost? Will I become the next Perez Hilton? Log in next week to find out!

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