Assignment 9 Nc

For me the most useful aspect of the 23 things course is being able to try all the different types of web 2.0 options. Without this course I would not have made time to do some of the things such as using PhotoBucket. I have used YouTube for browsing, but had not added a video to another page before and I enjoyed doing that. The third thing I found was that doing this is not very difficult.

What I do find though is that it takes a lot of time to search out videos or images, and then arranging them in the blog. I also find that I haven't gone back to Bloglines very often to check my RSS feeds. It is very easy to become very absorbed in using the Internet, so I find that I have to limit my use. Otherwise I could end up in one of those "boot camps" for people with Internet addictions!

NYT article on Boot Camps for Web Obsession]

My blog has been fun to create, and, I hope, enjoyable to look at Nancy's Blog

Here are a couple of links to wikis that I think are interesting:

Wikis - Using them in libraries

Cookbookwiki - Over 40,000 recipes!

Wikitravel - Armchair Travelling

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