Assignment 9 NN


The three tools introduced through 23 Things that I enjoyed most include:

1. Blogspot
2. Bloglines: RSS Feeds and Podcast
3. and… Wikidot

I found two wiki’s that caught my interest. The first is The sight is full of random tidbits from the web subdivided into different categories i.e. film, photo, words…with various links. It reminds me of $1 surprise packs that you find in convenient or candy stores filled with yummy odds and ends. The second site I found was, created to compile and share various art based tutorials online. It’s a great idea.

I wasn’t able to find too many interesting wiki’s. The community is still small and it seems like the members are not very active at all. It seems like most of the sites were created and then abandoned. So it was difficult to find interesting sights with useful material.


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