Assignment 9 pjs

I have to admit I haven't had time to use many of the things I've learned yet. But I intend to use the Big Huge Labs for promotion and display purposes.
The podcast assignment actually pushed me into trying iTunes which led to my buying an ipod and downloading a podcast from CBC and many cd's worth of music. This was a huge improvement in my technological cred with younger staff members in additon to a great personal boon.
The third thing is just being introduced to it all - I just emailed myself the Lillian Smith web 2 page. That alone, when I have time to get through it will be great improvement in my virtual world. The other thing that will make it more valuable is to share it with others and talk about it. I'm still only on the very edge of this world and I find discovering and exploring it alone somewhat like going to Europe by yourself - you see amazing things but it all seems a bit surreal and without context unless there's someone else to share it with.
I may have to do the whole course again and again to really benefit rm all you've shown me. This isn't a place I live in and it's still a very stange and unknown place. Young people talk about things being "intuitive" and I have to say I wouldn't say I have much in the intuition zone yet.
You have opened my eyes and helped with the fear factor. Thanks, and I'm sure that slowly, slowly I will work of Ruby Ears. Hard to keep my nose out of a book but I will try.
Thanks and good luck,


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