Assignment 9 PL

During this course, I found some of the assignments to be quite amusing. For example:

Big Huge Labs ( : Here, there are a vast array of tools that you can use to change your pictures into a jigsaw puzzle, a poster, a magazine cover and many other things. For the poster I made, you can take a look at my blog:

Generator Blog ( : This generator will take words, information or other things from you and then create a personalized result based on what you inputted. I tried out the funny face generator, where you could upload a picture and play around with it (e.g. stretch the face out), the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Maker, and many other generators like the Disneyland sign generators. Check out the ice cream flavor I made up on my blog.

In doing the 23 Things assignments, I also found some things we did to be useful. Like Delicious (, where I could make some bookmarks, which make things more convenient. I made bookmarks of the TPL website, my church's website,, The Weather Network, and 680 News.

I checked out a wiki on poetry ( which had some interesting pieces of poetry and prose.

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