Assignment 9 SA

I found that joining Bloglines, exploring Big Huge Labs/Photobucket and learning how to post videos and pictures on blogs were the most useful or fun activites during the 23 Things course.

Bloglines is a great way to keep on top of cutting edge discussions on a variety of topics. The top 1000 list, topfeeds, is a good tool to find blogs you might not otherwise look at. You can also have fun with Bloglines by subscribing to feeds like Dilbert.

Big Huge Labs and Photobucket are very fun. The web is a very visual media and in order to create interesting sites and blogs, I think, photos and images are absolutely necessary. I like the trading cards feature a lot. You can make cute and fun cards of your favourite photos which I did on my blog.

Searching YouTube and learning the basics of how to build a blog and post images and videos on it was also very useful and fun. I think the video bar feature of the blogspot site is great. I like looking for videos on YouTube and found a very enjoyable video about working in a public library.

Wikis are like online encyclopedias that any user can add to or edit. Google has a wiki search engine,, that you can use to search the internet for wikis. It is useful because you can exclude wikipedia from your search, if you want. There is a very fabulous wiki all about Star Trek. There are also humourous wikis. Check out for an article about Walmart.

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