Assignment 9 SDS

The three things I really enjoyed doing during the course was setting up my own blog [] and also looking at other blogs created by people in the course,
getting creative with photos with the help of Big Huge Labs [],
and looking at You Tube videos related to libraries and Toronto and getting a few of them to display in the blog. I tried to look at wikimapia but our computer here just took me back to Jonathan's links page. I guess our library computers have some block against using wikimapia (too much data?). I also looked at various instructional wiki (ie. How to Sculpt a Moose out of various Household Materials) found through Frances West's links to lists for how to wiki. I liked the Art Tutorials Wiki and Wikiquote []. (The chain link icon to connect wiki to this page is not working for me at all.) I don't have any old Hammond organs to get rid of. Sorry, Jonathan. Insert image and Insert video buttons also not working for me on the above icon buttons. Ah well. It helps to have some more exposure to the existence of wikis — communal, correctible knowledge — not a bad idea.
One more:

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