Assignment 9 TP

What I've enjoyed about 23 Things:

The photo assignment was fun and I can see needing the knowledge in the near future.

I've enjoyed discussing what we've learned with someone else in my department who is going through 23 things at the same time. Makes me realize that this would be an entertaining workshop for people gathered somewhere (rather than remote). It is interesting to know what others have done and their take on what we are learning.

Great to gain some knowledge of what's out there…not necessarily to use it all the time, but to have some passing idea of where it fits into the web universe.

I will recommend 2 wikis, since the first one is a bit of a cheat: I like the wiktionary attached to wikipedia: I didn't know they had a dictionary subset and can imagine using it for my daughter's French needs. I've found it's not as easy as I imagined it would be to answer other-language problems on the internet

And having just seen the latest Daniel CraigI mean James Bondmovie… Quantam of Solace, I enjoyed the wikipedia (or Double-Oh-Wiki), which is part of wikia entertainment. Definitely for fanatics! Doesn't seem to be missing much you would need to know about Bondian villains, gadgets, methods of taking over the world, etc….

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