Assignment 9MM

[The three things I liked most:
1) Inserting You Tube videos in my blog.
2) Google Docs. This is an application which could prove very useful.

Podcasts and RSS feeds are two things that I was a bit disappointed with, but then again, I haven't explored them fully. Like everything else in this workshop, I rushed through the assignments to get them completed with the knowledge that I will have to go back to them when I have more time to explore them and play with them. Which I'm sure I'll do. Maybe at home. Insted of watching TV. Web 2.0 is much more interesting and entertaining.

The wiki I'm going to suggest is:

Like everything else in this workshop, this wiki is a new find that I haven't yet explored. Like so much else I've discovered, I'm going to have to make time to really explore it and other wikis. Who knows, there may be better guitar wiki sites out there.

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