Assignment #9 DO

The 23 Things course was too much fun, and will be very useful at work. I have become familiar with all these new web trends and to choose only three I liked the most is difficult.

1) Having my own blog on "BLOGGER" is great and so much fun. I enjoy browsing my collegues blogs as well.

2) "BIG HUGE LABS" is definitely in the top three, it was big huge fun! and the GENERATOR's were interesting to explore.

3) And finally "GOOGLE DOCS" will definitely be useful at work.

This wiki assignment was also very interesting. I enjoyed most of all wikis:

Describe your nieghbourhood, describe your world!
I "added place" to a few sites back in Italy, where I had lived for many years. It was great to be able to add my own posts and tags to this site.


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